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How we work

Bespoke, integrated, managed, agile – when nothing else will do

Over the last 20 years we have developed an approach that is exclusively channel partner focused. We understand what makes you successful and what makes a channel partnership successful. Always with your goals in mind, we help you to develop your business model with complementary bespoke services, integrated into your operations, guided by service excellence and taking agility to new levels. Now you can quickly and easily extend your portfolio without the typical risks and costs associated with developing new services.


We believe that off-the-shelf ‘partner’ services don’t always cut it. Our goal is to enhance your offering and this can be done with highly bespoke complementary services designed in partnership with you.


We believe that your customers expect a seamless experience. That’s why we fully integrate our services with your customer operations – looking as you do, talking as you do and acting as you do.


We believe in delivering impeccable service levels. Best practice and customer satisfaction is paramount, we apply project and service management principles to everything we do.


We believe you need access to expertise that you can quickly scale. With a growing global workforce, we have extensive capability and capacity that we can adapt and mobilise to meet fluctuating demand.

aap3’s Project Managers have I.T. experience that is invaluable to us, having understanding of the challenges we face with infrastructures and the specific equipments requirements makes are partnership a real game changer in enterprise level deployments.

- EMEA Head of Project Management

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Other Information You May Need

Who we help

aap3 is proud to have long-term relationships with a diverse range partners in the channel – small to large and specialist to all-encompassing – supporting countless technology offerings.

How we help

We help you to improve your strategic position and to better serve their customers by enabling you to deliver services and technologies that you do not provide today.


Consultancy, deployment and managed services, designed in partnership with you to complement our mutual strengths and meet your customer needs.


Specialising in domains that enable our partners and provide users with ‘always on’ technology to work, learn and socialise in a safe and secure environment.

Project management case study

The client required additional Global Account Project Managers, Project co-ordinators and administrative support to help deal with the high demand and a huge backlog for their solutions. In their efforts for continuous business improvement and to meet the requirements of their growing customer base, they needed to rapidly align their resources and expand their PMO (Project Management Office).

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