M&S Case Study

“aap3’s strong networking background and experience in providing stable and reliable Wi-Fi solutions made them our first choice for a partner. They have been extremely flexible and patient while working with us, the landlords, the client and site contractors. Overall its been a positive project that was completed ahead of schedule, Marks & Spencer are extremely pleased”

Head of Operations \ Telecommunications Partner

  • Predicted and Physical Wireless Survey
  • Production of Signal Heat Maps
  • Assisted with Design stages
  • Installation of 140 access points
  • Installation of 28 switches
  • Configured layer 3 management networks


Marks & Spencers is one of the UK’s leading retailers, with over 1,330 stores worldwide. They are committed to delivering sustainable value for our shareholders and enhancing lives every day through the high quality, own brand food, clothing and home products we offer in our stores and online both in the UK and internationally.


Marks & Spencers wanted a full coverage, high density Wi-Fi solution for its newly built headquarters at 5 Merchant Square. This unique building, designed by award-winning architects Mossessian & Partners, was still in construction stage which is ideal for networking installations but presents a number of challanges. These included;
working with site contractors, secuirty clearance, Health & Safety and bespoke training for our engineers.


aap3, in association with an leading undisclosed telecommunications company, performed predicted and physical wireless site surveys on all 8 floors. This produced signal heat maps, areas for extra focus, and risks that were used in the design stage. The high and low level designs included 140x lightweight Access Points to be installed (20x on each floor), additional requirements for 28x Cisco 6509 switch stacks (4x on each floor) with to be installed and 9,500 ports patched and tested.

During installation we had to overcome a number of challanges such as train and certify our engineers for scaffolding towers and podiums, working with 3 layers of access security (landlords, M&S and Site Contractors), and working around other tradesmen on the site. After the work was completed a soak and trace test was completed on each access point ensuring the network was configured correctly and the design was sound. The design, technical documentation was handed over to Marks & Spencers internal network support teams.


Working closely with our partners, Marks & Spencers, the landlords and site contractors we was able to overcome a number of unique challanges. While these added in delays to our project timelines we still completed the project ahead of schedule and within budget. Marks & Spencers now benefit from an upto date Wi-Fi network that allows their employees to roam around the building while being “always connected”.

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