5 reasons why you should outsource your IT services

We can’t specialise in everything. As human’s it would be near on impossible to master all skills in our short-lifetimes – maybe I’m just saying that because I’m jealous of the people who know 10 different languages, can surf and play all the instruments under the sun.

Yet, businesses put pressure on themselves to do everything in-house, despite not having the budget, space or knowledge to do so. Just because you ask for help, does not make you weak. You’re utilising the resources that can benefit your company, so if anything, you’re one smart human. Here’s just a sprinkling of reasons as to why you should outsource for IT; if you haven’t already.

1. It saves time

Possibly the most important part of outsourcing is that you will have more time on your plate to focus on your actual business. Instead of worrying about what cyber-threats are coming your way, you can focus on your customers and employees who matter the most (obviously, I stress that investing in cyber-security is extremely important, and lacking in that department could leave you screwed.)

2. AND money

Adding onto this, you’ll be able to save your pennies. The average IT Manager – according to Glassdoor – earns an annual income of £45,675. When It comes to looking elsewhere for your IT services, you can compare the market and settle on what’s affordable for your business.

3. IT ruled the revenue in the outsourcing industry last year

Statista established that $64.3 billion (£495,855,880 to us Brits) was used for outsourcing within the IT sector worldwide in 2017; a mighty sum considering the outsourcing business as a whole came to $88.9 billion. With so much being spent on one industry in total, it reflects that it’s getting recognised as a positive addition to businesses across the globe.

4. Quality NOT quantity

Using one vendor can make your job so much simpler. If you outsource to multiple IT management companies, don’t be surprised if an attack threatens your business at some point.

Cisco’s 2018 Annual Cyber-Security Report, shows that in 2017, 25% of companies were using 11-20 vendors – whilst the year before that figure was only at 18%. Overall, 54% of security professionals found that monitoring this class of outsourcing was ‘somewhat challenging’, with 20% outlining the method as ‘very challenging’. Aka, the more vendors, the harder it is to manage alerts; even with experts involved.

5. Less risk, more knowledge

IT managed service’s employees, sleep, eat and breath what they do. So whilst one guy at your work might know what he’s doing, companies like Cisco etc. have WHOLE teams dedicated to keeping you happy. On top of that, we get the latest tech – thus keeping the latest threats at bay.

Tempted to shift all of your IT needs onto someone else and make your life easier? Don’t hesitate in calling us, we’re here to help.

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