A day in the life of: a company that doesn’t have an IT service desk

Imagine your business’s computers going down because you’re lacking in the IT service department…

8:30 am:

I rock up to work ready to start the day. Everyone’s running around like headless chickens, however, I’m no morning person. Completely ignoring whatever ruckus is materialising throughout the office, I assemble my morning coffee – four heaped sugars should do.

8:40 am:

Attempting to bypass the office mayhem, I’m finally sat down at my computer. *Click* Computer doesn’t turn on. *Click* Nope. It’s Monday though, so can you blame it?

8:50 am:

Clicking away at all of the buttons I can see, I realise this is hopeless, and proceed to track down the wiring to see if someone has unplugged it.

9:00 am:

Got muddled up in everybody’s wires, but eventually found that the power is indeed on.

9:05 am:

Coffee has taken effect, now have the energy and tolerance to approach colleagues to see what is going on. Turns out our IT service team aren’t getting paid for overtime, therefore have decided to not turn up today. Aka, bye computers. Surely this means I can go home? (Mmmm could really do with a nap).

9:20 am:

The directors have just come in, and we’re not going home. We’re proceeding to do all of our work without technology for the foreseeable future…

10:00 am:

Project doomsday. We’ve developed a means of communication within the office, lack of email and ‘quick-chat’ has lead us finding creative ways to divulge bitchy comments across the room. Saying that it’s not quite as efficient as first thought. The ones that aren’t so good at making paper aeroplanes, end up sending messages to the wrong person – which on several occasions has initiated a brawl or two. My paper crafting skills are looking up though.

11:00 am:

It’s looking up. Lunch is in an hour so morale is high. Maybe it’s the coffee talking, but I can actually see myself getting through the day – if I up my caffeine take. Some people have started clambering up onto the roof in an attempt to get some signal, but are now stuck up there. They’ll have to stay there until I go to Tesco down the road for my lunch and I’ll call the firemen.

13:00 pm:

I rang the fire brigade, but as some kids have recently prank-called them, they won’t be coming. I had to share half my lunch with Sarah who’s up on the roof, my throwing skills really are excelling.

14:30 pm:

Half the office has gone home and I have been left in charge of the keys which means I have to stay. The remaining half (that isn’t on the roof) has gone crazy over the lack of screen time they’ve had. My eyes, on the other hand, haven’t needed a spray of Optrex all day – I could get used to this.

16:00 pm:

Nearly home-time, I can almost taste freedom. I’ve already forgotten my computer log in. We’ve wasted about 200 trees due to the amount of paper we’ve used – the paper-planes fiasco seems a bit excessive now – and I haven’t been able to contact any of my clients, which means they haven’t been able to contact me. This is the stone-age.

17:00 pm:

Time to go.

Investing in your IT service desk is invaluable, and a no-brainer. If your computers go down it’s unpredictable how much money it could cost you – or how many customers it could cost you too. At aap3, our team is on hand so they can maintain, monitor, predict and fix to their heart’s content. Making sure you stay up and running.

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