The Ever Changing Digital Landscape

aap3’s Infrastructure Engineer, and has written this week’s blog about how to best deliver a new Digital Strategy to meet modern technology and user needs.

digital landscape

In recent years we have seen the blossoming of cloud services, the diversity of devices, and an increasing demand from users to have information at their disposal.

While all of these individually are great innovations, it does give the IT department a headache; how do I put all these pieces together to meet the business’ strategy and deliver what is expected?

The answer to this question lies in two parts:

1. You must have a comprehensive understanding of your current IT landscape, user base, applications portfolio and processes.

2. You need to develop a coherent Digital Strategy that is closely aligned to the company’s own strategy, mission statement, goals and objectives

Now you have two stakes in the ground; where you are now and where you want to be in the future. This will allow you to build an effective road map and to undertake the relevant financial planning.

The key to successful implementation of any future solution is identifying current contract and subscription end dates and their dependencies; this will help you to avoid missing opportunities and trapping yourself in new contracts.

Once you have identified opportunities for change, you need to look for alternatives that are better aligned to your new IT strategy and take the time to evaluate them effectively. A measurable total cost of ownership and clear cost-benefit analysis is critical to this evaluation process so that well-educated decisions can be made on the future solution.

By following this process throughout the development of your IT landscape it will enable you to meet and exceed the objectives of your IT strategy, rationalise your budget and enable your workforce to do their jobs effectively.

The Ever Changing Digital Landscape
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The Ever Changing Digital Landscape
Discover how to best deliver a new Digital Strategy to meet modern technology and user needs in the ever changing digital landscape.
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