The Power of Joining Forces-as-a-Service (JFaaS)

Distributors, VAR’s, MSP’s, SI’s, CSP’s, wouldn’t it be great if we could all be brilliant at everything IT but the reality is we’re not! The very reason the different channel players exist is because each offers a different skill & value to the IT Experience but as the IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) model evolves, has the time come to work closer together to deliver complete service excellence to our most important asset, the customer?

joining forces

So, you’re a Data Management Specialist focused on delivering Services around Storage, Backup, Disaster Recovery, Archive and Security but your customer also asks you for Network Services, this isn’t your specialist area so do you decline the business?

You’re a Datacenter Design & Installation Specialist but your customer has a wider Infrastructure including Client Devices, Software & Peripherals that connect to this Datacenter’s Services and there’s an opportunity to provide Lifecycle Management for this equipment, do you ignore the opportunity because that’s not your core area of focus?

You’re a traditional VAR, historically you’ve delivered Hardware and Software solutions at incredible pricing and efficiency to your customer but today they need help Planning, Designing, Installing, Maintaining and Monitoring their Mobile, Datacenter, Network & Cloud Infrastructure, how do you maintain customer relevance & bring it all together?

For CSP’s, the Cloud might be the new way to deliver Applications, Compute, Storage & Data Security for operational efficiency and productivity but what if your customer still has a need for a Converged On-Premise Infrastructure to deliver performance and bespoke applications or cost/compliance requirements. Could this be an opportunity to partner with the traditional MSP to help deliver traditional IT services and provide the true Hybrid IT blend or do you leave this behind because you only focus on Off Premise Cloud Services?

Not offering what you don’t specialise in means customers invariably turn to multiple partners for the Services they need when in-fact they might prefer their single Trusted Partner to deliver them with overall direction and equally, as that potential partner, are you leaving revenue, margin & customer retention opportunities on the table that your business might very well benefit from. You may not have all the capabilities you need in-house to address your customers’ needs but it doesn’t mean you can’t do it, you could join forces with a partner that does specialise in the areas you don’t and white-label their capabilities as an enhancement of your overall offering.

Perhaps greater Channel Collaboration around sharing Services & Resources would enable you to present your customers with trusted, reputable knowledge, experience & expertise from across the industry for all their needs through your relationship with them whilst lifting your own business reputation and providing you with a new revenue and margin stream you might otherwise have left on the table.

With the Services of the IT channel model becoming more and more blended now as each entity looks at how they can adapt to provide IT everything could this be the point we just Join Forces-as-a-Service (JFaaS) and work together closer to deliver the customer the best of us all!

The Power of Joining Forces as a Service (JFaaS)
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The Power of Joining Forces as a Service (JFaaS)
Discover the power of joining forces as a service and working together to deliver the best customer experience.
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