Meet Jeff!


We managed to sit down with Jeff at Cisco to learn about the man behind the desk…


Jeff has been working at aap3 for over 14 years, managing one of our longest serving accounts. Jeff is currently responsible for managing an account which operates across 63 countries, providing support to 20,000 users, and managing close to 35,000 incidents/requests per annum.

On top of this, Jeff and his team also manage the asset management, video conferencing and patching for our global customer.

We managed to sit down with Jeff at Cisco to learn about the man behind the desk…

Jeff started out in the army when they started using their first computers. His first brush with technology was working on Thermal Imaging devices, using automated test equipment which they called a computer. It was running on 8-inch floppy disks and they used to test equipment with BITE Points. During his time there, Jeff was sent on multiple courses from Networking to Word Processing, however back then there were no official courses – It was over 30 years ago!

Looking forward, Jeff believes we are heading into an interactive age with instant access to data. Everything from mobile data to cloud storage. Innovations such as Google Glasses and Virtual Reality have unparalleled potential in his opinion the use cases are endless.

Jeff is most proud of his time spent in the armed forces. It was a lot of work getting their vehicles ‘Desert Ready’ and fitting GPS to the tanks. He led a team of engineers in a base workshop for the pre-deployment and was also on the frontline with the troops.

With Jeff’s history in the military, Security is clearly high on his agenda. We asked Jeff how they currently combat this within his account. Human error tends to be their biggest issue. Ranging from people being in a bad mood because their machine has stopped working to users clicking on a bad link.

Working alongside Jeff’s team is a security team that deliberately targets users with ‘bad links’ to raise awareness of phishing e-mails (a survey done on showed that 11% of people clicked on a link in an email even though they suspected it was spam). This is done to raise awareness across the company worldwide. Although this is harmless, it proves that companies who store a lot of data need an internal IT support structure as well as IT Security. The biggest risks companies face are users working from home who have not accessed their VPN. This opens them up to risks on unsafe networks. A very simple trick to improve this is also to ensure all users update their password on a regular basis such as every 90 days.

As you can see, Jeff is instrumental in delivering aap3’s services globally.

If you would like to know more about our Field Service Capabilities, Security Solutions or Managed Service Offerings, please contact Byron Bucknall to discuss the solutions in detail.

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