Mental Health week

Get involved in the 2019 Mental Health Awareness Week and learn more about some of the vital aspects of mental wellbeing.

The 2019 Mental Health Awareness Week takes place from 13-19 May. It is hosted by the Mental Health Foundation and this year’s theme is Body Image. This is a topic that widely affects people regardless of age, gender, social status, etc. The UK charity for everyone’s mental health endorses the #BeBodyKind and posted online the foundation’s intentions for ‘publishing new research and campaigning for change’.

The Mental Health Foundation has over 70 years of experience in fighting to create a world where everybody enjoys good mental health. The charity focuses on finding and addressing mental health problem sources, resulting in the prevention of such problems.

Mental problems can affect anyone and in fact, present an issue to many people. There are ways and support organisations that help anyone learn more about how to navigate through such problems. Mental wellbeing essentially describes a person’s mental state, in other words how they are feeling and how they can cope with day-to-day life.

Indicators of a person’s good mental wellbeing include positive self-esteem, maintaining good relationships with others and engaging with the world around you, ability to express a range of emotions and to adapt to uncertainty. While coping with daily stress and leading a productive life are essential for dealing with mental health issues, taking time for yourself and looking after your physical health are other vital factors.

People are likely to develop a mental health problem if they experience low mental health wellbeing for a long time. The most common life events that can have a negative mental health impact include experiencing a loss, loneliness, traumas from the past or a recent traumatic experience. Other common mental health threats are relationship and work-related issues or financial worries. Perhaps the best advice one can follow if experiencing mental health issues is to ask for help, speak up to people close to them and ultimately to just seek support when needed.

Above all else, ensure that you do more of what helps you to stay happy and positive. Now there is easy access to information on mental wellbeing and support advice from experts. Make sure to read more about the work of the Mental Health Foundation. In addition, anyone can follow them on Twitter @mentalhealth and get involved in the 2019 Mental Health Awareness Week.

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