Why every organisation should have a PMO

Having taken on the responsibility of the PMO (Project Management Office) recently, one of my first objectives was to really reinforce the message that all projects should come through the PMO, and ensure that happens.

In the past, I’ve seen a few times when individual departments have gone off in silos and embarked on their own project, and the rest of the organisation often only finding out at the point of implementation, and at no point throughout their process did they consult with or consider other areas of the business, and it would be too late.  We’d then be stuck with a tool that couldn’t communicate with other systems, it fulfilled half of the business requirements and adoption was poor because as soon as the tool was implemented they had considered it was ‘job done’ completely missing training for the end-user!  A project quickly getting the reputation around the business as an expensive failure.

Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes it works when a department runs their own project, but it does depend on what that project it is.  It doesn’t work though when it’s a project to update IT systems, CRM, HR or Finance systems.  And this is where the PMO really proves and justifies its value-add they offer the business…

With PMO responsible for governing projects within the company, so they can ensure they are delivered against the company strategy, and responsible for owning all aspects of the project from initiation, planning, development through to implementation as well as making all the necessary quality checks, risk assessments, managing deadlines, deliverables and delivering within budget, the PMO is what makes projects successful.

For me it’s obvious, the benefits are clear to see and far outweigh what it could cost the company if the right Project Management resource is not allocated.

And, if you don’t have your own PMO have you thought about outsourcing your projects?   Through our own PMO we provide a Project Management Services… find our more here  or call me +44 (0) 2380 762830!

Claire Grattidge

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