Could Your Server Soon Become a Liability?


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Liam Andrews, one of aap3’s IT Service Desk Analysts, has written this week’s blog on the oncoming issue of Windows Server End-of- service.

An estimated 62% of organisations are not aware that their servers are soon to be un-supported. It can’t be yours… right? From July 14th 2015, Microsoft stopped supporting Windows Server 2003/R2. Around 11 million systems are still running on the platform, and not upgrading now will come with potential financial costs and security risks.

Why should you upgrade?

High costs

Running legacy servers is very expensive – Intrusion detection systems, advanced firewalls and network segmentation are required to protect a vulnerable server 2003 platform. You will also have increasing costs from maintaining ageing hardware. It has been estimated that support for servers post end-of- support will cost businesses over £1000 per server per year, whereas this support is free with an up-to- date server.

Low security

There will be no updates to fix bugs, performance issues and security vulnerabilities. To put this into perspective, 2013 saw 37 critical updates for Windows server 2003/R2. Once past the end-of- support date, these critical issues will remain unfixed and leave your business open to security dangers such as cyber- attacks or electronic data loss.

You may no longer be compliant

Some industries contain compliance standards that need to be met. An unsupported server will break regulations such as HIPAA, PCI, SOX, Dodd-Frank and many others. Non-compliance can result in costly penalties.

Low compatibility

New software and hardware devices will not be built to integrate with Windows Server 2003/R2. Those sticking with the legacy servers will likely run into compatibility issues in communicating with new software and the latest devices.

The solution

The most logical step to take is to upgrade your server(s) to Windows Server 2012 R2 – Windows’ newest server operating system. Windows will provide your new Windows Server 2012 R2 with support, bug fixes, performance updates and patches for security vulnerabilities until 2023. This means that you’ll be securing a safer, cheaper, compliant and stress-free future.

Upgrading servers can be a very challenging task. If you would like assistance in upgrading your server(s), call us on 02380 762 820 or email for a free consultation with an aap3 server engineer.

Could Your Server Soon Become a Liability?
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Could Your Server Soon Become a Liability?
An estimated 62% of organisations are not aware that their servers are soon to be un-supported.
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