Technology companies can change the world for good

In a world of Donald Trump, terrorism and Novichok, it’s about time we talk about something uplifting.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that technology can have positive outcomes. I look around in despair at the army of parents glued to their latest upgrade, ignoring their kids’ attempt to get attention. Only for them to ironically post photos on Facebook, as a way to portray their eternal love for their mini-me. Then there’s the cyber-bullying, trolling, hacking, scams, the trail of negativity goes on.

However, after a little research, I am here to override the bleak, mundane reality that we’re used to, with some more promising vibes. Get inspired!


  1. She’s a Crowd – Giving women a voice


Meet Zoe Condliffe. CEO and founder of She’s a Crowd. A digital storytelling platform that gives women the chance to be heard in regards to experiences of gender-based violence and sexual assault. This is not only used to connect women who have been through similar scenarios but to let transport authorities, universities, NGOs etc. know how to make their spaces safer.

Although it is only in its start-up phase, I can already tell how much of an important part She’s a Crowd is going to play in making sure women of all ages can be safe. Over in Australia, 1 in 5 women have experienced sexual violence, and hopefully, with the help of this platform, that number will soon diminish until it reaches zero.


  1. Connected Conservation project – Reducing poaching in regions of Africa


The Connected Conservation project has reduced poaching in the Kruger National Park in South Africa, by an astonishing 96%, through the wifi web all the technologies talk to each other. Because of the success rate, they will now be expanding the project into more regions of Africa to safeguard more species.

And with the ivory trade being at an all-time high, (according to The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, CITES) there’s no time like the present.


  1. Polycom Operation Smile – global knowledge sharing in the medical industry

Since being founded in 1982, Operation Smile has provided more than 220,000 free surgical procedures for children and young adults born with cleft lip, cleft palate and other facial deformities.

To create a long-term change, through Collaborative technologies, the foundation train doctors and local medical professionals in partner countries, so they are empowered to treat their local communities.


  1. Sea Hero Quest – “A quest to save the human brain”

Created in 2016 by British game company Glitchers, Sea Hero Quest’s aim is to provide researchers with a better understanding into the mental process of 3D navigation (the first skills lost in the disease dementia).

Since its creation, it has gained 171 centuries worth of dementia research, through 114 years’ worth of playing. A measly 2 minutes of play, equates to 5 hours of data to be analysed. I hate to sound like Tescos, but every little really does help.

Can you spare 2 minutes a day?

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