Technology game changers due to hit in 2019

Back to the Future 2 thought we’d have self-tying shoes, The Jetson’s assumed flying cars would be making an appearance around about now, and 2001: Space Odyssey saw us creating colonies on the moon – it’s safe to say, we’re not quite there. Sorry to disappoint you 1960s and 80s.

Despite not being lunar settlers as of yet, technology is far from disappointing. Ten years ago, who would have thought that today you can track your takeaway before it gets to your house so that you know the precise moment your delivery driver is going to knock on your door? It’s the small things for me if you couldn’t tell.  

Tech’s not just going to stop there for a breather. Due to advances in technology, over the next year, there is set to be some big changes to the way we live our lives.


 There has been a lot of talk about blockchain and crypto-currencies already over the past year, but the need for encrypted money is on the rise. Statista have been recording the incline in the blockchain technology market since 2016. This year it has accumulated $548.2 million and is set to increase to $885.4 million next year – with predictions showing an almost double in prosperity each year until 2021.

Why is it needed so much? As the digital world gets far more complicated, businesses will gradually find it harder to keep on top of data breaches. Therefore, blockchain will act as another hurdle for hackers to jump over. Not only this, but it could contribute to keeping customers details safe, thus making it easier to comply with GDPR laws. Blockchain strives for your privacy.

Public transport

 If you’ve ever been on a train to London in rush-hour, you’ll know how frustrating strikes, delays and over-crowding can be. Founder of Virgin, Richard Branson, commends the possibility of having Hyperloop, as it will make three-hour journeys thirty minutes, and is far more budget-friendly than the travel we invest in today.

A design created by Tesla and SpaceX, Hyperloop will change the way we travel, as long as it all goes to plan. Elon Musk has stated that Hyperloop will be safer than cars, faster than trains and have a lesser impact on the environment than planes.

Interested in finding out more about Hyperloop? Watch this YouTube video.

Smart Spaces

 Gartner’s report for 2019 technology trends, touches on the evolution of smart spaces across business, residential and industrial communities. The key aim in creating smart spaces is to generate a collaborative and interaction domain. Smart spaces will revolutionise the way we work, communicate and live day to day.

AI and machine learning

Although it has been agreed upon by many that AI could never truly replace humans in the workplace, it has been found that up to 45% of tasks we do can be automated – even a portion of the arduous labour that is carried out by doctors.

Instead of replacing humans, AI will be making work easier for us. An advance in natural language processing and algorithms mean that chatbots can be there when it’s not possible for companies to respond. Recruiters can get a helping hand as technology sifts through candidates and picks out a selection of appropriate matches. Machine learning can even detect fraud – a crime that costs organisations 5% of their revenue each year. Think of them as your right-hand-man.

Harvard Business Review’s survey forecasts that the industry will have a market worth $100 billion by the year 2025. The possibilities are endless.


 One of the biggest rat-races in technology innovation. To the naked-eye 5G is faster, more consistent internet – but there’s a lot more to it than that. It’s going to:

  • Provide more wireless connectivity options
  • Have higher bandwidth
  • Include lower latency
  • Enable more hybrid and cloud applications such as machine learning, VR and AR

  • TIRIAS Research – technology industry analysts – trusts that coverage will happen twice as fast as 4G; which took a decade. Major cities will obtain it first, but 5G will be launched by carriers in most regions within a year.

    With the escalation of technology, you need to make sure you and your business is on the ball. At aap3, we’ve been experts in technology for 20 years. Contact us, and we can help you adapt to the everchanging tide.

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