Technology Never Stops Evolving and Disrupting

As we usher in 2017 with bellies full of turkey, mince pies and a sensible amount of quality streets (other brands available), it is a good time to take a look at what this new year might brings us.

Technology Never Stops Evolving and Disrupting

Robots competing for jobs

It may be some time before robots take over the world, but the growing intelligence of machines will fuel job automation throughout 2017. Banks and professional services firms will replace humans with artificial intelligence solutions, while healthcare providers will increasingly rely on machines to improve diagnoses and disease management. In marketing, hyper-personalisation at scale will be possible by the end of 2017

VR will take off through video

After the success of the first true augmented reality game, Pokemon Go, and the launch of more virtual reality headsets, such as PlayStation VR, where next? In 2017, a virtual reality craze will take off, driven by video content rather than gaming. The fad will unlikely continue throughout 2018, however. Augmented reality has more challenges to overcome but ultimately is a more successful long-term proposition.

Privacy will become a selling point

With the public and consumers increasingly sensitive to how companies use their data and market to them, digital ethics will continue to hit headlines. Differential privacy will become part of the solution, allowing companies to use anonymised data to improve targeting and user experience. With Apple backing the technology, others will soon follow.

Self-driving cars will hit British roads

Autonomous vehicles are set to be tested on UK motorways while car manufacturers will launch self-driving fleets. The rise of driverless vehicles will kick-start the biggest change to logistics, transport and retail businesses since the invention of the motor car more than 100 years ago.

Blockchain will cause major fraud shake-up

The growing popularity of this shared digital ledger will provide a lifeline to banks and the public sector. Its cryptography credentials as well as its ability to keep permanent transaction records are expected to create the biggest threat to the multi-billion fraud industry yet. Adoption will accelerate in the year ahead.

Smarter batteries will go mainstream

The race to develop smaller, longer-lasting batteries will intensify. But those that rush to the finish will falter. Smaller devices offer the biggest opportunity – lithium metal batteries will soon power drones, phones and tablets, offering reduced charging intervals and improved lifespans. It’ll likely be at least another year before applications for vehicles arrive.

Businesses will awake to cyber security threat

If 2016 was the year hackers won, 2017 will be the year companies fight back. Tesco and Yahoo recently joined a long line of global companies that were hit by major breaches. Over the next 12 months, firms will accelerate spending to protect their infrastructure. But with ever-more sophisticated hacks, will it be enough?

There will undoubtedly be more technology trends that appear our of the wood works as the year progresses but the above certainly makes interesting reading!

Technology Never Stops Evolving and Disrupting
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Technology Never Stops Evolving and Disrupting
As we usher in 2017 it's a good time to take a look at what the new year might bring us in regards to technology.
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