The Polycom and aap3 experience

Thelma and Louise. Harry Potter and Ron Weasley. Fish and chips. Some of the greats, could you see one without the other?

Telecommunication giants Polycom have been on the scene since the 1990s, therefore are extremely established and recognised in their field. We partner up with the best of the best, and we and our team give our utmost effort to providing the A* service our clientele deserves. But how and why does our alliance work so well?


Partnership Endurance


Pick aap3 as your Polycom services only partner because we have the know-how and longevity with Polycom. We have 10 years of loyalty and experience under our belts,  meaning we know Polycom to a T. Alongside our knowledge, we tailor each experience to each customer, so your package will be suited to you.


An article published on LinkedIn back in 2016, written by Patricia Goose – a professional grant writer, motivational speaker and community entrepreneur – comments on how business partnerships tend to crumble after the 2-3 year mark. This can be due to transparency, differences in opinion, the pace of the venture etc. but here at aap3, we value our professional relationship with Polycom. We’re in it for the long haul, buckle up!


Our Team


We have a mighty team of Polycom Specialist Engineers.

Having installed over 400 Video Endpoints, and completed over 1300 Break Fixes, our team know their stuff. Trained, tested and available 24/7 to help you. Quality AND quantity are possible in our eyes.


The World


Here at aap3, we dream big. Having provided our services in England’s helm, London, and continue to venture where others of our kind have not. Progressing over to Paris, Dubai, South Africa and Russia, just to name a few, our latest move has seen us working on an Endpoint Install in Saudi Arabia.


Watch this space.

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