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Cisco Security

Defending networks, data and devices

Using technology in a safe and secure manner is of absolute importance. The Cisco security framework is highly secure and effective in countering the different threats that a user can face online, helping to provide that safe environment.


Cisco’s next generation Firepower firewalls provides an intrusion protection system designed to protect end devices, keeping your customers operational and users working. When on-the-move, users can securely connect to the network and traffic can be monitored.

Visibility and Enforcement

Using a combination of aap3 services and Cisco’s Identity Services Engine, we protect your network from intruders by preventing access. If, in the event they bypass your security, Stealthwatch provides traffic visibility allowing you to detect unusual network patterns.

Advanced Threat Detection

aap3 offers Advanced Malware Protection (AMP), using global threat intelligence to strengthen network defences and monitor your environment. It provides protection before, during and after an attack, often as a result of an infected email.

Cloud and Content Security

In conjunction with umbrella, cloud lock and web/email security appliances, aap3’s services are designed to defend your customers from threats on the internet, by ensuring that users can only visit safe sites and that internet traffic is protected.

I ask you to pass onto the team our strong appreciation for the great job they are doing, I only hear good things about your engineers and it's really great to see the strength of team we have built up in such a short time. Which is exemplified by the fact that all the other theaters are looking to replicate what we have done and see your team as the best practice around the world.


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Cisco was looking to establish an up to date database of the routers and switches that are in the networks of some of their key customers. The objectives of this database were to: ensure that logistic information was up to date, ensure that mission-critical networking equipment has service contracts, and provide base information for new Cisco service products and programs. Find out how we helped Cisco.

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