Managed Services

Managed Services for Orchard and shipman

Orchard and Shipman Group

Orchard and Shipman Group PLC is a leading residential property management company with more than 25 years’ experience managing the assets of private landlords, residential portfolio owners and large corporate and institutional investors.

Issues to be resolved

Orchard and Shipman are a growing business and one which is keen to stay one step ahead of their competitors. In order to expand, their IT infrastructure needed to be scalable, reliable and secure. With multiple offices across the UK, O&S needed a supplier with the experience and capability of supporting multiple sites.

aap3 sat down with the O&S directors to understand their objectives for the next 3 years, in order to ensure that the service and infrastructure are not only capable of supporting the expanding business and the varied applications utilised, but it is capable of growing with the business, enabling them to focus on their core business offering.

Action Taken

aap3’s solution that enables their growth ambitions was a combination of engineering projects and fully Managed Service which incorporated a full spectrum of activities built to meet Orchard and Shipman Group’s requirements and SLA’s.

The first stage of the lifecycle management process was to fully understand their entire IT real estate to ensure we start the planning phase being fully informed.

With the agreed scope of work outlined in the planning phase, we proceeded with creating detailed infrastructure designs and implementation processes. These spanned the computing environment, implementation of cloud, anti-virus, and business continuity solutions.

Working closely with O&S we worked through the plans to include:

  • Upgrading workstations, Laptops, Servers
  • Installation and configuration of the servers infrastructure
  • Active Directory cleanses & standardisation
  • Installation of a Hybrid Backup solution

O&S’s infrastructure is now updated, complies with best practices and is fully monitored and managed by aap3’s monitoring and management solutions to include:

  • Level 1, 2 Service Desk
  • Remote Support 24×7
  • Remote Monitoring and Management in-scope devices
  • Network Configuration Back-ups
  • Asset Management
  • Governance & Compliance Reporting

Managed Services:
Blending in house, virtual and field engineering to provide a support solution tailored exactly to your needs so that you can get the best from your tech investment.


Orchard and Shipman have seen an improvement in efficiencies, productivity and TCO due to reduced downtime, strategic relationships, and audit of their estate and a 98.3% SLA hit rate.

What our clients say

“aap3 have exceeded expectations. Their Service Desk is knowledgeable, effective and responsive to any incident raised – quickly resolving tickets or escalating as required. With a 98.3% SLA, we are looking forward to working with aap3 in the future and eager to see what other improvements are going to make to our network“

Business IT Manager