Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Uniteam Marine

Uniteam Marine is a Global Ship Manager that provides industry-leading services to ship owners and ship operators across a wide range of countries and jurisdictions.

Issues to be resolved

With new legislation MSC.428 (98) which came into force as of January 2021, Uniteam Marine wanted to proactively assess their environment around cyber security to ensure continued compliance with all required maritime legislation.

Action Taken

aap3 engaged with the client to review all IT and cyber security documentation, processes and systems to understand if any areas could be better protected.

Our approach included a detailed Security Gap Analysis, which was then reviewed with the client ahead of documenting a detailed Cyber Security Plan. The Cyber Security Plan was created to be directly integrated with Uniteam’s Safety Management System (SMS).

We worked with the clients HSEQ and IT departments to ensure that existing processes and systems were accurately referenced, as well as ensuring that everyone involved understood their responsibilities.
We also helped the client integrate a new Secure Internet Gateway (SIG) across their fl eet to provide protection to internet traffi c globally. Cisco Umbrella, the world’s leading Secure Internet Gateway (SIG) service was deployed.

aap3 Services engaged:

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Eazi Security delivered a detailed and comprehensive Cyber Security Plan which has helped the client harden existing defences further, ensuring they stay protected and compliant.

Having a robust Cyber Security Plan allows the client to feel confi dent that all teams, systems and processes are working together to achieve the best cyber security posture possible.

This has allowed the client to demonstrate to their ship owners that they have achieved full compliance with all forthcoming legislation.

By integrating Umbrella into the clients existing cyber defences, we have enabled exceptional visibility and protection of internet traffi c globally.

What our clients say

“aap3 and Cisco have a close working relationship and I have been extremely impressed with their responsiveness and professionalism with regard to their IBLM capabilities. They are always keen to help and provide services where they can whether that be on behalf of Cisco or as aap3. I would recommend them to our System Integrators to provide services where needed to scale and provide services where appropriate“

Sales Business Development Manager, Cisco Systems